I am so excited to announce that I have a new blog! It is WAY overdue. The new website is almost ready as well.
If you would like to see the new blog, just go to http://www.capturedphotography.squarespace.com/


2007 Holiday Print Sale


A couple of weeks ago, I went out shooting with Lissa Anglin and Kara Mercer. It was a very last minute get together to photograph the beautiful Dacia. She was an amazing model for us! Here are a few of the faves!



The past few weeks have been something else. It seems like one thing after another. Here are a few happenings around here.

This past weekend, my grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. It was a great day with family. The only people missing were my brother, Adam, and his wife, Apryl. We missed them VERY MUCH! Congrats Grandma & Grandpa!

Me, My Grandma, My Mom

Also, I have had terrible problems with my cell phone. It has been dropping calls and missing messages. I just got a new phone! YAY!!!! If I missed your call or message, please call back. Everything should be in order now!

I have also moved to a new duplex as of this weekend. I got finished moving in on Saturday and got internet service. I had been without internet for over a week! It has been a bit frustrating. Here is a pic of my new place!

Finally, here's a random pic of me with my girlfriends Emma and Gracie!


The After Session - The Davies

I have had so much fun photographing Taylor and Summer over the past few months. They were married back in June. I wasn't able to photograph their wedding, but you may remember their engagement and bridal sessions that I posted. Summer called and wanted to do an "After Session" before they got too busy this school year. She is in her second year of medical school. I can't imagine how crazy her life must be right now. They are such an adorable couple...I have never had any trouble getting them to snuggle up close to each other. This was no exception...


San Diego

Last week, I went to California for the first time. All I have to say is WOW! It is so beautiful there. Here is a quick photographic synopsis of my trip.

Dinner overlooking La Jolla Cove at sunset
Yummy...crab cakes!
Heaven Sent Desserts - enough said
Balboa Park

Museums at Balboa Park
I spent some time in the Botanical Garden at Balboa Park. I was thinking I would do a collection of these images in my bathroom.

Museums at Balboa Park
Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego Zoo - I shot these with my point and shoot. I didn't realize the battery was almost dead; so, I only got to take a few shots :(

Mission Beach

Sunset Cliffs

It was a great trip!